How can I sell my Singapore home?

Are you planning to move to a new home? If so, do you intend to sell your current home at a Singapore condo price listing? Selling your house may seem like a hassle at first. However, selling your home in Singapore is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, it is easy and simple. In this article, we’ll cover the 9 simple steps in selling a house in Singapore.

Step 1 – Picking the right Singapore house prices

The first thing you need to do is to think about the Singapore house prices you are willing to offer for your property. There are some factors that you should consider when pricing your Singapore home. The Singapore condo price should be competitive but will not be to the seller’s disadvantage. In short, you should not sell yourself short.

Age, location, and condition of the property is also important to take note of. You should also indicate if the property will be furnished or not. You can look into listings online to give yourself a clear idea on the possible Singapore house prices.


  • Do research and pick the right selling price.
  • Beautify your home and find an amazing photographer. That money will be well spent.
  • List your home in property platforms.
  • Find a trusted conveyancing lawyer.


Step 2 – Beautifying the home for selling

Beautifying your property is essential for you to attract the buyers. One of the things that you can do is remove furniture that you will no longer use. You can sell them for some additional cash. Another option is to have the property repainted. Another tip is to remove all personal items before taking pictures. It is important to make the place look generic as possible.

Hiring a home staging service provider is a good option too. This is preferable if you do not have enough time to work on beautifying your home. This may be an additional cost. However, it will make property selling a lot faster. In addition, you can also include the expense in the Singapore condo price.

Step 3 – Listing in property prices Singapore websites

Once you have decided on the range of Singapore house prices and beautified the place, you can now list the property. Listing a property is easy. You need to find reliable property prices listing websites to make the post. You can list your property in different property prices Singapore listing websites as long as you can monitor all of them. 

Make sure to prepare the necessary information and images. Include the facilities and amenities near your property in the description. The property description should be as detailed as possible. That is because this is what buyers will use to make an initial judgment.

Step 4 – Property prices Singapore viewing option

No one buys a property based on what they see online and the Singapore house prices. It is important that you allow potential buyers to visit your property for sale. Your contact information should be included in the property price Singapore listings. You should also indicate if they need to book an appointment before visiting the location. You can have multiple buyers view your house in one time slot. This will show the buyers that there are other people interested in the house.

Step 5 – Property prices Singapore negotiations

Take note that buyers will always negotiate with you regarding the Singapore condo price. Never settle for a low price. It is fine to turn down potential buyers that want to buy your home at low Singapore house prices. You can always wait for the right buyer that will accept your price. Another thing to take note of is buyers need a lot of time to think whether they will buy your property or not. Thus, patience can help you sell your property at your desired Singapore condo price.

Step 6 – Hire a conveyancing lawyer

Once a buyer said that they will buy your property, the next is the conveyance stage. Conveyancing is what you call a process of legal property transfer. That is why you need a conveyancing lawyer to help you with selling the house. Your lawyer will talk to the buyer’s lawyer to create the option to purchase (OTP) agreement. You can attend their meeting but you can also leave it to the conveyancing lawyer.

Step 7 – Issuance of the OTP and SOF

Once the conveyancing is done, the OTP will be issued to the buyer. The OTP agreement will contain the necessary property information. It will also include that the buyer should check for defects properly. The OTP has a deadline. Usually, a Singapore house prices buyer is given 14 days to exercise the OTP. 

Secure option fee is also issued to the buyer. This is done to ensure that the buyer remains interested in the property sale. The SOF is usually equivalent to 1% of the selling Singapore condo price. In the event that the buyer does not exercise the OTP within the given deadline, the seller can keep the SOF.

The seller will have to wait for the buyer at this stage of property selling. The buyer must return with the signed documents and give it to your lawyer before the deadline. You will return the SOF. Once that is done, the property sale will be official.

Step 8 – Pay stamp duty (conditional case)

You need to pay for the stamp duty if the property you are selling has been yours for less than three years. The Seller’s Stamp Duty price depends on a certain percentage of the selling Singapore condo price. For example,  if you own the property for only a year, you will have to pay 12% of the final selling price of the property. The rate decreases to 8% if you have the property for 2 years. It will be only 4% if you are in your third year when you sell the house. Therefore, you can avoid paying stamp duty if you wait three years before selling the property.

Step 9 – Complete the sale then move out

After signing the papers, your lawyer will do the paperwork and other transactions.  It is important that you inform the buyer of the final sales date and the key turnover date. Once the turnover date is nearing, you can prepare to move. Thus, it is best that your new location has been prepared before the sale is completed.

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As you can see, selling a house in Singapore is not difficult. As long as you follow the nine steps, you can sell your property fast and at your desired Singapore house prices. If you are looking for a property prices Singapore informative website to help you, check out SRX Property. Explore our website to learn more about properties in Singapore.