Property agent Singapore

Dealing with properties should be dealt seriously. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting a home, you should not make hasty decisions. After all, the cost of buying a house in Singapore is pricey. Looking for a house for rent in Singapore takes a lot of effort. Selling your house in a property prices Singapore listing can be quite challenging. That is why you need the help of a good Singapore property agent.

Finding a good Singapore property agent is essential when making property deals. After all, they are the experts when it comes to real estate properties. Other than that, here are four more reasons why it is important to find a good Singapore property agent. 


  • A good property agent has experience with selling and renting homes.
  • A good property agent will help manage and do the paperwork on your behalf.
  • His or her mission is to make the sale or rental transaction as smooth and easy as possible.
  • A good Singapore property agent will go out of his or her way to find the most suitable home for you.

Find an experience property agent in Singapore

As a homeowner, you may be relatively new when it comes to selling and buying houses. However, a good property agent has done the same dealing process many times. They are very familiar with the total cost of buying a house in Singapore. They know how much housing funds you should prepare when buying a house. On the other hand, they can help you decide on a good and favourable selling price of your house.

Property agents know some Singapore property listing websites that are not open to the public. That is because some of these listing websites are only for real estate agents. Apart from that, they have access to uncommon property prices Singapore information. This includes appreciation history, area market transactions, and more.

A good Singapore property agent knows which is the best platform to use to find a house for rent in Singapore. They also have a contact with complementary property services such as banks and renovation contractors. They can also give you advice based on their up-to-date understanding of the real estate market. Thus, hiring a Singapore property agent can lend you their experience in real estate.

Does the paperwork on your behalf

Real estate paperwork can be mind-boggling. That is especially the case if you are not familiar with the property prices Singapore terms and procedures. However, a good property agent can handle the paperwork for you. They can help you decipher the intricate property forms. They can also help you understand the contract and the final cost of buying a house in Singapore. 

Real estate agents are aware of the legal proceedings regarding property transactions. They can guide you in every step of purchasing or selling a house. They make sure that the house for rent in Singapore is legit and following the laws. They make sure that all structural modifications done on the property are permitted. 

If you are selling a house, they make sure that the buyer has enough funds to pay for the cost of buying a house in Singapore. This is so the sale doesn’t fall during the process. They help in issuing a OTP and SOF to make sure the buyer remains interested in the property. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the confusing paperwork in selling, buying or renting a house.

Experts in negotiations and pricing

Negotiation is a skill that not everyone has. However, in the case of a property agent, they must be capable of making negotiations. They can ensure that their clients are getting the highest possible benefits.

They will immediately tell their clients if they came across a better offer. They make sure you are paying the most economic cost of buying a house in Singapore.

They guarantee that the house for rent in Singapore is going to charge you monthly rent within your budget.

In the case of selling a property, they can calculate the accurate price estimates that will work for you and the buyer. They will also provide information to the buyer regarding the house for sale. That data will be used to convince the buyer why the price you set is reasonable and worth it. 

If you are buying real estate for the purpose of investing, they can help you calculate your possible ROI. They can give you a clear estimate of the monthly rent should you transform the property into a house for rent in Singapore. Buying investment property is not as easy as getting funds to cover the cost of buying a house in Singapore. A good real estate agent can help you bring down the selling price for the investment property. 

Find the suitable property listings for you

Searching online for a property prices Singapore listing website can be easy at first. However, you can get too many listing options to find the right one for you. However, a good property agent can sift through the sites to find the properties that are closest to what you are looking for. They can do it faster than you. 

Furthermore, they go beyond the listing websites. They also visit the location of the house for rent in Singapore beforehand. They check whether the total cost of buying a house in Singapore is within the price range you set. Therefore, letting the real estate agent do the researching for you can save you a lot of time.

How to find a Singapore property agent

Are you planning to buy, sell, or rent a property in Singapore? Dealing with property transactions in Singapore is a bit of a challenge. Most people do not understand the process and the paperwork that comes with it.

That is why most individuals will prefer to seek the assistance of a property agent in Singapore. Finding a Singapore property agent is easy. However, finding a good one is not as easy. There are lots of property agents in Singapore.

The Singapore property agent be registered with CEA

CEA, or Council for Estate Agency, is the registration authority for all Singapore property agents. Every property agent should be registered with them to ensure their legitimacy. This is done to protect the clients from property agent posers who only aim to cheat clients by paying a hefty Singapore condo price commission.

The best way to check a Singapore property agent’s legitimacy is to ask for his CEA registration number. Then, type the registration number in the CEA website public registration. If the property agent is legit, you will see their accurate information on the website. Aside from the registration number, you can also input the full name or mobile number of the Singapore property agent.

In the CEA website, you will be able to see other important information of the property rental Singapore agent. You can see which real estate agency they belong to. You can also see if they had received awards as a Singapore property agent. In addition, you can also see if they have a disciplinary record in the past such as suspension. 

A good Singapore property agent has a strong client portfolio

A well-experienced property rental Singapore agent has built up a portfolio of his real estate experiences. Most property agents have their portfolio posted online. It can be posted on their real estate agency’s website or their own website. You can simply search it online and read through it. If the property agent doesn’t have a portfolio online, he usually had a hardcopy of it in hand.

A property agent portfolio will showcase the specialization of the agent. You will be able to know the type of property transactions he has done in the past. The property types they had transacted will also be included. The Singapore condo price range will be indicated as well.  

You will be able to determine if the property agent is suitable for you through reading his portfolio. Each property agent has more experience in dealing with properties in certain areas and Singapore condo price range. Some are better with buying properties rather than selling them. That is why it is vital to pick the property agent that has more experience on the type of transaction you’ll be giving.

Seek property agent recommendations

Apart from the portfolio, you can get a clear understanding of the property agent’s performance through recommendations. The first people you can ask for recommendations are your family relatives and friends. They usually give good property agent referrals since they think about your welfare.

However, do not accept their recommendations at face value. Ask them questions regarding how the property agent was able to help them. Was the agent quick and effective during the transaction? Did the agent give them the best Singapore condo price? Aside from that, focus on asking about the qualities of the property agent.

Another great place to search for property agent recommendations is through review portals. Review portals are gaining popularity nowadays. That is because many clients, especially those you do not personally know, give their honest opinion in a review. Most property agents even encourage this so they can get a form of feedback from the clients. You can find reviews on the Singapore condo price listing websites, property agent review portals, or the property agent’s own website.

Assess their knowledge in real estate

A good Singapore property agent should have excellent knowledge of the real estate industry. A great understanding of the industry enables them to get the best Singapore condo price for their clients.

Furthermore, knowledge, coupled with experience, can help them run the property transactions smoothly. They also know what to do if the property transaction ran into certain roadblocks.

Moreover, a knowledgeable real estate agent knows the latest regulations when it comes to property.

Gauge the level of commitment of the property agent

The best way to gauge whether the real estate agent is committed is through the number of clients he has. Having more clients does not necessarily mean that they are the best real estate agents. That is true to some extent. However, that also implies that they might not have enough time for you.

There are many good property agents who only take a certain number of clients at the same time. They do this so they can ensure that they can provide the best service to their clients. Having more clients can sacrifice the quality of the property agent’s service. However, do not be discouraged if the real estate agent has a lot of clients. Some property agents hire assistants or collaborate with colleagues on their property transaction projects. Thus, it is important to ask the property agent if they are working alone or if they have people assisting them. 

In summary

Property transactions are quite complicated. Therefore, you need the assistance of a good Singapore property agent. A good property agent has experience in both selling and buying a house. They know what house for rent in Singapore is reasonable and in line with your needs. They will do the hard work for you including the paperwork, researching, and negotiating. They will make sure that you as their client will get the best possible benefit. 

Finding a good Singapore property agent can be challenging but not very difficult. These 5 factors we mentioned can help you find the right property agent for you. You will be able to find a legit and experienced property agent that has your best interest. If you are looking for more information regarding property agents, look no further. Here at SRX, we have all the information you need regarding properties in Singapore.