How to find a house for rent in Singapore

Finding a house for rent in Singapore is difficult. That is most especially the case with foreigners. The property rental Singapore prices can be hard to assess if you are not familiar with the pricing standards of the country. You also may not be familiar with what to consider when renting a property.

As a potential house tenant, you may have considered searching online. That is a good decision since there are plenty of property prices Singapore listing websites. However, there are factors that you should review first before searching for a house for rent in Singapore.

In this article, we’ll discuss the three types of housing for rent in Singapore. We’ll also cover the important property rental Singapore factors to consider. Lastly, we’ll also mention how to find these property prices Singapore houses.


  • There are 3 types of homes in Singapore. HDB, condominium and landed property.
  • Before renting, do research on property prices and rental prices of similar properties around the area.
  • Find out about the facilities and amenities nearby. Find out all the nearby MRT stations and bus stops.
  • Visit the home and walk around the area.

The three types of house for rent in Singapore


Condos are very popular among Singaporeans. That is because most property rental Singapore condos have exclusive private facilities. Its small home interiors are more compact but spacious. There is also better security in a condominium. It provides a lot of privacy. Tenants are also given more freedom to do what they like in the condo. For example, you can choose a design of your liking. You are also allowed to have pets. However, condos usually have expensive maintenance fees.


There is a wide market for landed house for rent in Singapore. These property rental Singapore houses come in different types and sizes. One of them is semi-detached houses. This type of house for rent in Singapore shares a common wall with another house. In the case of a terraced home, rows of similarly designed houses share the wall. Cluster houses are group homes that share the same facilities. While a townhouse is a combination of a landed house and a condo. If you prefer a stand-alone house, you can pick a bungalow. It has more privacy since it doesn’t share a wall with another house. If you have a bigger budget, you can also choose the more expensive version of the bungalow, which is the good class bungalow.

Housing Development Board

Housing Development Board or HDB flats are subsidized housing for Singaporeans. They are not slum areas. Most of them even have the interior of a condo. Those types of HDBs are built by Executive Condominiums (ECs). If you want an interior similar to a private house, you can look for HDBs made by Design, Build, and Sell Scheme (DBSS). Foreigners are allowed to rent HDBs, but only up to 18 months.

Factors to consider before choosing a property rental Singapore house

Property prices Singapore budget

Budget is an indispensable factor to consider when it comes to renting houses. You should already have prepared a budget before checking property prices Singapore websites. Make the budget as flexible as possible so you can have more options to choose from. 

House location of the property prices Singapore listings

The location is another important factor when looking for a house for rent in Singapore. You need to make sure that it is near the places you always go to. If you are working, traveling to your workplace should not be a hassle. If you have a family who lives with you, you should also consider their needs. Is the property rental Singapore house near the kids’ schools? Is it also near the workplace of the other working family members? Thus, make sure the house for rent in Singapore that you plan to choose will satisfy everyone’s needs.

Facilities near the property rental Singapore house

The facilities near your property rental Singapore house should depend on your needs. It should not be far from where you live. For example, if you like working out, there should be a gym near the house. If you are a basketball player, there should be a basketball court that you are free to use. Thus, you must explore the area before you decide to rent the house.

Amenities near the property rental Singapore house

Transportation is an important amenity especially if you do not have your own vehicle. If you would have to walk far just to ride a train to work, you might not consider renting in that location. You should also take note if there are grocery stores and markets nearby. You also need to make sure that you can afford the expenses of your daily essentials. Other amenities to look for are hospitals, police stations, and gas stations.

How to find a house for rent in Singapore

As you can see, the first step in finding a house for rent in Singapore is determining the type of house. Once you had decided that. You should have at least prepared a budget and picked a desired scope of the area. Once that is settled, you begin house hunting.

Search online for property prices Singapore listings

As mentioned, there are many property prices Singapore listings online. You can just go to Google and begin searching. When choosing a property prices Singapore listing site, make sure they have detailed descriptions. The property prices and other leasing conditions must be indicated in the listing descriptions. It also helps if they use an interactive map so you can see immediately how far it is from your workplace. You can even easily bookmark your options so you can go back to them anytime. You can check out SRX Property if you want property prices Singapore listing websites that are reliable.

Visit the location

Once you have picked at least three property rental Singapore houses online, you can now visit the actual location. Never close a leasing deal without checking the location first. Visiting the actual house will help you determine whether what they advertised on the site is factual. You can also get a feel of the house once you are there. This is also a good opportunity for you to check the nearby facilities and amenities.

Find a house for rent in Singapore today

House hunting is not easy. You have to think very hard before you make the final decision. With this article guide, you now at least know what types of houses for rent are out there. You also were given tips on what factors to consider. In addition, you found out how to search for a house for rent in Singapore. If you are searching for your next home to rent, we have great options for you here at SRX Property. Check out our website for more information.=