PropertyGuru versus – which is the better platform?

Property listing websites are nowadays the best places to find property rental Singapore listings. They are also a good place to canvass the cheapest freehold condo in Singapore. These listing portals made it easier for home buyers to find their dream homes. They also made it easier for property agents to sell houses and advertise their property rental Singapore units.

In Singapore, there are two prominent property listing websites. They are known as PropertyGuru and These two listing portals are the go-to website for individuals when finding a property to buy or rent in Singapore.

They are also good portals where property agents can post their property listings at a reasonable fee. In this article, we will discuss which is the better property listing website between PropertyGuru and We will also cover each platform’s best attributes and current performances.


  • PropertyGuru is the market leader in online real estate listings. While is not far behind and is considered as one of the leading real estate portals.
  • PropertyGuru has more website traffic compared to
  • PropertyGuru puts effort on getting more listings while focuses on adding quality listings
  • offers more competitive package price than PropertyGuru.



The market leader

PropertyGuru is without a doubt the market leader when it comes to online property rental Singapore listings. They also have the most listings of properties for sales. You can find lots of options for the cheapest freehold condo in Singapore. They have a more established website that has gone through several upgrades in the past.

One of the features PropertyGuru has is the affordability calculator. This is used to determine if a certain listing is suitable for the budget of the buyer or renter. Property agents also like this feature so they can easily help their clients in assessing property prices.

Most visited portal

For that same reason, PropertyGuru has the most website traffic among all property rental Singapore listing websites. The said listing portal has an average of over 2 million visits each month. Apart from listings, PropertyGuru was able to garner millions of visits every month because of their up-to-date blog posts. They provide information on Singapore property-related topics to keep their audience on their website. They give the most recent property news in Singapore and the best tips on investment property.

Most number of listings

PropertyGuru is the portal that has the most property rental Singapore listings. They have property listings not only in Singapore but also overseas. They put extra effort in keeping the top spot of having the most listings.

However, this emphasis on quantity of listings caused a bit of a disadvantage for Property Guru. As a result, listings that have inadequate information get easily posted on their portal.

Furthermore, duplicate listings are very prevalent in the portal. Searching through PropertyGuru can get you at least two duplicating listings. However, in recent times, PropertyGuru has been fixing this issue. They make sure that people can find properties like the cheapest freehold condo in Singapore with ease and no duplicates.

High-priced package services

A disadvantage of being the market leader in property listings is the high prices they offer to property agents. Property agents can post a listing on PropertyGuru if they avail a package service.

A PropertyGuru package can cost at least S$5,000. This package already includes the usage of tools & other products in addition to uploading listings. However, since PropertyGuru has millions of visits every month, this package price is considered fair.

Most established

Another advantage of PropertyGuru is being the more established online property listing portal. It was founded way earlier than It has already accumulated loyal property agents and has been trusted by many property buyers. It is also one of the reasons why PropertyGuru has the most listings of properties like the cheapest freehold condo in Singapore and property rental Singapore units. Thus, more people are choosing to use PropertyGuru over

One of the leading real estate listing portals may not be the market leader. However, this property listing website is not far behind the market leader. It also has a lot of quality property listings from residential to industrial properties. Their website is also very established with lots of content that boost their website’s ranking in search engines. also has amazing features that are easy to use. The most notable feature is its Map-based searching. This makes it easier for buyers to locate the properties they intend to buy. They can find the cheapest freehold condo in Singapore by just navigating through the map.

Large amount of monthly visits

Although the monthly visits for the website is not as high as PropertyGuru, the said property rental Singapore listing portal views is not far behind. In fact, monthly views is only 20% less than that of PropertyGuru. This means that they also get around 1 million views each month. Similar to PropertyGuru, they are also a hub of information for all things related to properties. Their abundant content helps them achieve high search rankings on search engines, most especially in Google.

Quality listings

If PropertyGuru values the quantity of listings, values the quality of listings and easy search navigation. They make sure that each listing has detailed information. Furthermore, they make sure property images are of high definition and professionally photographed. This is the reason why offers a free photo service for those who avail their packages. They send their photographers to the location of the property listed to get shots of the interior and exterior. They also go the extra mile to take pictures of the surrounding areas. In the case of a cheapest freehold condo in Singapore, they take pictures of the amenities offered in the condo building.

Competitive-priced packages

Aside from getting a free photo service, offers very competitive-priced packages. A property agent can avail a package including tools and services for a price as low as S$700. This is also a very promising price since has around a million visits every month. This is much preferred by many newbie property agents.

New but fast rising is relatively new compared to PropertyGuru. However, compared to other listing portals, is establishing faster. It is predicted that if’s management implemented some innovative measures, it can reach the level of PropertyGuru in the near future.

In summary

The better platform between Property Guru and will depend on the criteria and standard of each user. If you want a wider reach, pick PropertyGuru. If you prefer a more cost effective listing website, choose Figure out what are your needs regarding property listings. Once you do, you will be able to decide which between and PropertyGuru is the most ideal for you. Do you want up-to-date information regarding properties in Singapore? Read more articles here at SRX Properties.